Eyeshadow Colour Guide


Matching eye colour with shadows is one of the most basic but important things when doing your makeup. It is something that can be completely overwhelming so we figured that we would write up a simple guide for matching your eye colour with complementary as well as enhancing colours. Please note, this is only a guide, we strongly believe in experimenting with makeup and doing whatever you feel most comfortable in. We would also like to point out that these colours will vary depending on skin tone. We hope this is helpful and enjoy.

Warm Green Eyes:

Enhancing: plum purples, red-browns

Complementary: cool greens, warm browns, oranges, cool greys (taupes)


Cool Green Eyes:

Enhancing: cool greens, warm purples, cool purples, light pinks

Complementary: warm greens, cool browns, cool greys

NOTE: stay away from bright blues


Blue-Grey Eyes:

Enhancing: coral

Complementary: any browns, nudes, peach

NOTE: if you have blue-grey eyes and you want them to look bluer, stay away from shadows that are a brighter blue than your eye as they will make your eyes look dull in colour.


Blue-Blue Eyes:

Enhancing: warm purples, coral, warm browns, darker blues

Complementary: any browns, nudes


Warm Brown Eyes:

Enhancing: cool purples, dark blues, cool greens

Complementary: all browns, nudes, oranges


Dark Brown Eyes:

Enhancing: warm purples, warm yellows, warm oranges, all blues

Complementary: all browns, nudes


If you are looking for some new and broad eyeshadow palettes on a budget we highly recommend this website: http://www.bhcosmetics.com/eyes

For amazing quality customizable palettes we would recommend INGLOT


5 thoughts on “Eyeshadow Colour Guide

  1. Great post! I live in New York and have been meaning to go make an Inglot palette for ages. Have you tried their blush/bronzer?

    • Hi Alyx,
      I love Inglot eyeshadows and eyeliners, they are my ideal products (high quality but not a ridiculous price), but unfortunately Inglot don’t do well with their blushers and bronzers. I tried them in store and was immediately put off, they have a chalky consistency and it just crumbles in the pan. I was not impressed with the formulas however their colour range, particularly with the bronzers, are great for all skin tones. I do highly recommend their eyeshadows though, have fun making a palette!

      Thanks xx


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